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The 2014 Black History Month Science Fair

Posted on December 2, 2013 in Events

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In February 2014 Twin Cities high school students will compete for a total of $1,750 in scholarships at the Black History Month Science Fair hosted by the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated – Zeta Nu Sigma graduate & professional Chapter. Currently, the success of Black and African American youth in fields of STEM is severely disproportionate in comparison to the success of others in those same fields. With this initiative it is our goal to provide an opportunity for culturally relevant academic competition that students would not otherwise be invited to experience. Cultural relevance combined with competition as well as social and fiscal reward will create an environment where students can draw on their cultural frames of reference to bring personal relevance to their projects. This will allow for participants as well as their peers to more deeply internalize information. In addition, we will distribute scholarships that uplift youth of the Twin Cities by demonstrating a tangible investment of time, energy and finance to encourage and prepare them for success in the near and distant futures.


To maintain a Twin Cities community that sustains a thriving pipeline to drives all of our students from classrooms to colleges and careers of their choice.


Exposing Twin Cities high school students to academic competition that connects the science, technology, engineering & mathematics (STEM) concepts to cultural history.


The Black History Month Science Fair provides an experience that will help Twin Cities high school students recognize that their individual success is important to the vitality of the community. With new knowledge and understanding, our students can make well informed decisions about college and career. These three principles guide our work:

  •  Investment: Giving time, energy and other resources to develop a prosperous community.
  •  Alliance: Connecting community assets to highlight strengths of emerging leaders and drive their success.
  •  Inclusiveness: Working with people from a variety of backgrounds in order to accomplish goals and be accountable to those served.


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